Oak Furniture And Sofa Delivery Update Orders 1887 to 1933

  • By Steve Day
Good Morning Customers,
Order numbers between 1887 to 1933 on oak furniture and sofa store orders 1034 and 1035.

Firstly I hope you all had a good weekend and as promised here is your regular update to your order.

Container No ECMU9077839
Seal No U376915
Vessel Expanse
Eta Algeciras 13/10/2017

Above you will see the shipping information and the container your furniture is on has departed Felixstowe port in the UK and arrives at Spanish port on the 13th.

The container will then be unloaded from vessel, through customs and then onto our Malaga warehouse for home delivery scheduling by our warehouse and logistics team.

For the full procedure you may find this link useful.

I will next update you when the vessel has docked and arrived and been unloaded.

One thing I have noticed on this container is that quite a few customers have not ordered a tin of wax to keep your furniture in pristine condition. Without sounding like a shoe salesman trying to sell shoe polish after selling a pair of shoes! It is actually very important to wax your oak furniture on a regular basis to keep it in pristine condition especially in warm conditions keeping the real wood supple and moist.

You can order a tin or two of wax here and show your receipt to the delivery crew on delivery who will present you with your wax on delivery.
As I say it's very important to wax your furniture with the correct wax on a regular basis.

So that's it for now and I look forward to further updating you on the arrival of the good lady Expansa just after she docks safely to Spain!

Have a great week everyone and I'll catch up with you soon!

Best Regards

Tony Woodcock

Global Logistics Manager
Oak Land Furniture Spain
Direct Email -
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