Oak Land Furniture Delivery To France And Portugal

  • By Steve Day

Whilst we are based in Spain, we do deliver also and furnish customers homes in France and Portugal  with our full collection of 22 ranges of solid oak furniture and our vast selection of sofas in both fabric and leather.

Whilst Portugal is an easier delivery run for our delivery teams being so close to Spain, France does need a little more planning both on our side and the side of the customer, we always request that customers in France requiring furniture give as much notice as possible.

This assists our warehouse scheduling due to the size of France, we schedule our furniture delivery runs into selected areas in France to keep each furniture delivery close as possible to the next furniture delivery on a delivery crews "milk run" this then assists us enabling you to have a full delivery for just 59 Euro's. On top of this you can also select our premium delivery service. Premium delivery service which only  costs 99 Euro's see's the delivery crew unpack all the oak furniture, assemble where required and place the furniture exactly where you want it placed in your home. In regard of Sofas they full unwrap and place and assemble where required. Finally on a premium delivery all packaging and cardboard is removed and taken away for recycling, there is a lot of protective  packaging to ensure the safe transit of your furniture.

The France delivery area sectors are basically split into 4/5 area furniture delivery runs.

Left side, right side, middle and top. Then there's also Monaco where we again deliver.

The delivery van's we use hold aprox 11,000 euro worth of furniture, so dependent on the order sizes determines how many furniture deliveries can be made on each delivery run.

Sometimes it can be just one or two delivery drops and sometimes it can be 5/6.

So as you can imagine furniture delivery to France takes planning so the more notice the better to to assist us schedule in your delivery.

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