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Oak Land Furniture SL is a Spanish registered Company based in San Pedro De Alacantra,Marbella to where our showroom and distribution is located.

Oak Land Furniture SL

Arrabal URPSP5,16

San Pedro de Alcantra




Tel: 951 979 221

Company Registration : CIF NUMBER: B93488831

All the exclusive furniture is supplied to our Spanish Company Oak Land Furniture SL from JB Global Ltd T/A Oak Furniture Land in the UK.

Oak Land Furniture SL are very proud to have the exclusive rights to supply and provide Oak Land Furniture UK highest quality products and designs to those customers who desire them for their homes in Spain, France or Portugal.

All transactions/communications are with Oak Land Furniture SL, Marbella Spain solely and not Oak Furniture Land In the UK as these are 2 totally separate companies.

All products are from Oak Furniture Land (JB Global Ltd) stocks but are purchased for resale by Oak Land Furniture SL therefore all contracts and warranties are via Oak Land Furuniture SL our Spanish officially registered Limited Company.

This  gives you the fantastic opportunity simply to purchase the highest quality product and market leading furniture for your Spanish, French or Algarve home.


We are contactable 6 days a week at our offices and showroom in San Pedro, Marbella on (34) 951 979 221 or via email 7 days a week sales@oaklandfurniturespain.com


Why Buy From Oak Land Furniture Spain?

Of course you can consider buying the furniture In the UK, hiring vans, loading vans, crossing the channel, travel all the way to your property, unloading and installing it all yourself, or using an expensive removal company but why would you want to when we can do it all from Marbella?

The ability to pay and buy from the extensive high quality product range coupled with our no hassle delivery service makes it an easy choice for many.

There can't be a more convenient way to furnish your property in Spain France or Portugal.

The alternative is to try to find suitable furniture in Spain, to deal direct with Spanish suppliers and to organize deliveries. This is not as easy as one might imagine.

  Spanish furniture retailers also do not offer furniture what you would expect to find in the UK, normally of lesser quality too at higher prices!

We look forward to hearing from you soon!


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