Full Kitchen Information

We have two ranges of kitchen units, we have the Solid Oak Handmade kitchen units and we have the Evelyn free standing kitchen units, which can be fitted together if you wish.

All our kitchen units are manufactured from 100% solid oak throughout, ensuring that you get a quality kitchen that will last you a lifetime. 

Simply visit our website, choose your units, design your kitchen and order. 

This method of purchasing your kitchen, avoids highly priced design fees and fitting charges that you may encounter from some other kitchen suppliers. 

Our units are delivered fully assembled as they are made from solid oak. You may wish to put the kitchen units together yourself, or you may wish to employ a local kitchen fitter/carpenter to put your kitchen together for you.   

Some points to note.

We supply the quality units as they are listed.

We are not kitchen fitters.

We do not make bespoke pieces or items to size.

We deliver our kitchen units to France, Spain and Portugal, as well as other countries on request. The delivery charge for your kitchen units is just £99 to France, Spain and Portugal and the delivery lead time is 4 to 8 weeks. Delivery charges and lead times to other countries will differ. This can be dealt with on request.

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