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On a daily basis we get asked many of the same questions, so maybe you have one and here possibly is the answer.

Q. Does all the furniture come ready assembled?

A. In the majority of items the answer is yes. The only items that require putting together are the following.

Tables - need the legs attaching after unpacking to allow them to fit through door ways.

Wardrobes -  To allow them to fit up the stairs wardrobes require a very simple assembly.

Beds- again for stair reasons need simple assembly too.

The majority of product is assembled and ready straight for use out the box!


Q. Are you the same Company as Oak Furniture Land In the UK?

A. No we are a totally separate Company, we are a fully registered Company in Spain. Oak Land Furniture SL registration number B93488831 and all communication and transactions are with us Oak Land Furniture SL at all times.

Although all our products are supplied from Oak Furniture Land stocks and we deliver them to your home in Spain, France or Portugal to enable you to have the finest quality oak furniture for your home - there's nothing like the best!

Oak Land Furniture SL are very proud to have the exclusive rights to supply and provide Oak Land Furniture UK highest quality products and designs to those customers who desire them for their homes in Spain, France or Portugal.

All products are from Oak Furniture Land stocks but are purchased for resale by us Oak Land Furniture SL therefore all contracts and warranties are via us Oak Land Furniture SL.

  Please see our "About Us" section for further detail.

Q. Do you deliver to the UK?

A. No, we deliver only to Spain, France and Portugal. 

If you require the products for the UK please contact Oak Furniture Land or visit one of the 79 stores in the UK.

If you require for outside the UK and for Spain, Portugal or France contact us.

Q. Do you have a showroom in Spain?

A. Yes, our lovely showroom is situated in San Pedro De Alacantra, Marbella and is open 6 days per week. Monday to Friday 10am-7pm and until 5.30 on a Saturday.

Q. How long is delivery?

A. Average lead time is 4-5 weeks to your home. All furniture/orders are shipped from the UK on a regular basis. Sometimes it can be a little quicker and sometimes a little longer dependent on delivery area. It's always best to plan ahead as much as possible.

Q. If the furniture arrives to Spain and we aren't ready to take delivery can you hold it until we are ready?

A. Yes, it happens often due to house move dates. We hold it in our warehouse in Spain until you are ready to take delivery.

Q. I don't want to buy online but I would like to order, what can I do?

A. You can call into store to see us and we can take the order or you can call us on 951 979 221 with your requirements.

Finally you can email us your list of requirements to and we will contact you.

Q. How secure are my credit card details?

A. All online payments are protected by one of the worlds leading secure encrypted gateway services provided by Shopify and there is a very strict privacy policy meaning than none of your information is ever shared with third parties.

All credit card numbers are encrypted when the order is placed using 256-bit encryption. Thereafter payment is collected through our online credit card system via Banco Sabadell. There have been no documented cases of credit card fraud using our shopping system online.

Q. Do you take away our old furniture?

A. I'm afraid we can't as we always send out our delivery vans fully loaded and are on a time schedule to ensure prompt delivery to our customers.

Q. Whats the procedure in the event a piece of furniture is damaged on delivery?

A. Firstly our biggest complaint is our furniture comes with too much packaging! this is of course to prevent transit damage.

In the event of damage though, you simply email us a photo of the damaged item and on agreement the furniture is damaged, we order another item for you and come and replace the damaged item. During the replacement process we of course allow you to use the item until you new one arrives and we exchange it for you.

Q. Can we pay in Sterling?

A. No we are a Spanish Company with Spanish corporate banking facilities with Banco Sabbadel. We only accept Euro.

It's good to remember though that we purchase our products in the Euro against the GBP so a weaker GBP is actually a benefit and reflects in our pricing structure.

Q. Do you open the showroom on Bank Holidays?

A. No, firstly we respect the beautiful Spanish culture and obey the Town Hall regulations, naturally our web site is operational 24/7.

It's worth noting if you are a new arrival to Spain that as well as national days (Bank Holidays) there are also regional holiday days, so if you are traveling a distance to the showroom it's worth double checking before setting off. We advise you call the store on 951 979 221 if in any doubt.

Q. How does the delivery system work?

A. After placing your order, you receive firstly an order confirmation number.

We then load your order onto a sea container, on average we ship 1-2 containers per week to Spain.

You are fully updated along this process once the shipment leaves and arrives by our logistics manager informing you of dates. The container then goes to our Malaga warehouse to be unloaded and our Malaga warehouse manager schedules your home delivery.

All home deliveries to Spain, Portugal & France are scheduled on delivery runs across Europe. 

Our warehouse manager in Malaga informs you by email when your order has been dispatched and there after your designated delivery crew keep in constant contact by our SMS service as they make their scheduled delivery run.

Q..... Next?  If you any more questions just give us a call on 951 979 221, email or simply use the contact form as we look forward to hearing from you and answering your question.








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