3ft x 3ft Rustic Solid Oak Extending Dining Table (Seats up to 6 people Extended)

€499.00 EUR €799.00 EUR

Product Information

Code: RS900

Dimensions: (W) 90cm x (H) 78cm x (D) 90cm

Designed for those with smaller families the 3ft x 3ft Rustic Solid Oak Extending Dining Table offers the option of a more compact table whilst still retaining the ability to extend when required for those special occasions. Designed with a minimalist style to allow the quality of the wood to take centre stage, the oak has simply been treated with a subtly stained wax to give the table the rustic finish it is named after. The table utilises a simple extending mechanism whereby leaves at each end of the table are pulled out from underneath the table, lifted up and pushed into grooves to lock into place. Then when no longer required, the process is simply reversed so that the leaves are hidden neatly away under the table. We never skimp on materials so the table is made using only 100% solid oak - you will not find an inch of chipboard, MDF or veneer anywhere throughout.

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