Cotswold Beds: Posture Pocket 1000 Plus Double Mattress (Firm)

€599.00 EUR €799.00 EUR

Product Information


Dimensions: (L) 190cm x (W) 135cm x (D) 27.5cm

The Posture Pocket 1000 Plus Double Mattress combines foam- encapsulated pocket springs with a 30mm thick top layer of memory foam. Covered in an Aloe Vera infused quilted fabric, which is anti-allergenic and dust mite repellent, the mattress is designed to offer a rejuvenating and refreshing night's sleep. Each pocket spring is placed in its own separate fabric pocket which allows it to be independently compressed. The benefits of this are that they can move freely and respond to the curves of your body. Also, if the mattress is shared, they minimise the disturbance caused by one partner turning over in their sleep. The slow recovery memory foam layer offers even more support, reacting to your body's temperature and moulding perfect to offer full body support. The zipped covers can be easily removed for normal laundering.

Our mattresses are fully compliant to UK Flammability Standards BS7177

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