Fresco Solid Oak 3+2 Chest Of Drawers

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Code: FREPA024

Dimensions: (W) 100cm x (H) 85cm x (D) 43cm

The Fresco Natural Solid Oak 2 + 3 Chest of Drawers is a beautifully proportioned unit with sleek, solid oak bar handles. Expertly handcrafted from premium grade solid oak, it offers three full-width drawers with two smaller drawers nestled above. As is standard at Oak Land Furniture, these are crafted using traditional dovetail joints with solid oak backs, bases and runners. Designed for exceptional strength and longevity, the whole of the unit is made from solid oak - even the back panels! To finish, the chest is treated with our clear wax furniture polish for a long-lasting, natural lustre. We recommend this wax is reapplied every three to four months to nourish and enhance the exquisite grain patterns.

Please note: All of our Natural Solid Oak collections are finished in the same way, using a clear furniture wax to bring out the lighter wood colouring, meaning that they all complement one another. However, they are subtly different from our rustic, rough sawn, and grey washed oak ranges, and therefore will not match. Our range of dining chairs are specially designed to complement all of our collections.

€509.00 EUR €769.00 EUR

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