Fresco Solid Oak Side Table

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Code: FREPA003

Dimensions: (W) 55cm x (H) 40cm x (D) 55cm

The Fresco Natural Solid Oak Side Table is incredibly versatile, and will prove to be a useful asset for almost any room throughout the house. Small and compact, this table is just as comfortable as a side table, a lamp table, a coffee table or a bedside table, making it an invaluable asset for your home. The piece is made by skilled craftsmen from premium cuts of A-grade solid oak; we insist on using only the finest materials, so you will never find any chipboard, MDF or veneers throughout. Delivery is absolutely free of charge, and the piece is finished simply with a light coat of furniture wax to protect and nourish the oak.

€149.00 EUR €249.00 EUR

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