Kemble Rustic Solid Oak and Painted Small Bookcase

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Code: PRR022

Dimensions: (W) 89cm x (H) 109cm x (D) 30cm

An elegant, smaller bookcase, made from the same strong materials as the rest of the Kemble range, with the light, putty finish. Can be used in a smaller corner in the living room, or in another part of your home where you want to display favourite ornaments, or keep books close to hand.

The rustic solid oak top gives the bookcase a country feel and a little bit of contrast to the 100% solid hardwood painted base.

In addition to choosing furniture within a range to match in any room, you can also match across ranges that have the same finish. A range described as ‘Rustic Solid Oak’ has the same finish for all the following ranges: Original Rustic, French Farmhouse, Orrick, Quercus, and Taunton.

You can choose to match any dining chair from a Rustic Oak range with any table or desk with the same finish, regardless of range name.

€359.00 EUR €459.00 EUR

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