Orrick Solid Rustic Oak 4ft 7'' x 3ft Extending Dining Table

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Product Information

Code: RVE043

Dimensions: (W) 140cm x (H) 76cm x (D) 90cm

A solid, rustic oak dining table that’s just right for everyday dining, and easy to extend when friends and family come round for special gatherings. The extension adds 40cm – approximately 1ft 3 inches – to the width, easily seating up to 8 people. The subtly tinted wax finish of the Orrick range enhances the warmth of the oak, and shows off the natural wood grain to great effect. The table is 100% oak – we never use veneer or MDF in our furniture – and will be a wonderful place to gather in your kitchen or dining room for many years to come.

€599.00 EUR €799.00 EUR

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