Quercus Rustic Solid Oak 6 Drawer Large Sideboard

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Code: TAG022

Dimensions: (W) 139cm x (H) 86cm x (D) 46cm

The Quercus Rustic Solid Oak 6 Drawer Large Sideboard is designed to offer flexible storage options within an eye-catching, contemporary design. Handcrafted by skilled joiners from one hundred percent A-grade solid oak, it features six versatile drawers with a large, conjoined cupboard space. As is standard with all drawers from Oak Land Furniture, these are crafted using traditional dovetail joints with solid oak backs, bases and runners. The cupboard offers split level storage options with a solid oak height-adjustable shelf for taller or awkward shaped items. Quality finishing touches include rounded, drop-bar handles on the drawers, pendant-styled handles on the cupboard doors and decorative dowels on the corners of the unit. For a warm, rustic finish, each piece in the Quercus range is finished with a wax polish.

€599.00 EUR €829.00 EUR

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