Quercus Rustic Solid Oak Dressing Table

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Code: TAG021

Dimensions: (W) 122cm x (H) 76cm x (D) 45cm

The Quercus Rustic Solid Oak Dressing Table is a must-have piece for every bedroom. Crafted by hand using only the finest cuts of solid oak, the table features three roomy drawers which will allow you to store all of your makeup and accessories with ease. The spacious surface of the table offers all the room you could require to get ready, with plenty of space for a large table top mirror if desired. All of our furniture is made by highly skilled woodworkers using time-honoured techniques, including dovetail joints in all the drawers and tongue and groove joints throughout. Finishing touches include antique drop-bar handles and attractive dowel detailing on the corners of the table.

€399.00 EUR €499.00 EUR

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