Rivermead Natural Solid Oak 2 Drawer Bedside Table

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Code: RIV020OAK

Dimensions: (W) 40cm x (H) 60cm x (D) 40cm

* Note - here in Spain, this is our largest selling range as it's often chosen by hotels and holiday lets, due to the volumes produced it reflects in the price making some great savings so if you are shopping to a budget this is the range for you!

The Rivermead Natural Solid Oak 2 Drawer Bedside Table will set off one of our Rivermead beds a treat. With the extensive Rivermead range, you can re-invent the entire bedroom in a cool and contemporary solid oak style. The two drawers in this unit are expertly handcrafted with solid oak bottoms and backs and dovetail joints. Both drawers feature sleek and slender brushed metal bar handles and beautifully waxed oak fronts. The whole piece is treated in a natural wax for protection and preservation of the oak's natural beauty. The solid oak top is just perfect for a bedside lamp for reading at night and a cup of tea in the morning! Bedside furniture has never been so stylish.

In addition to choosing furniture within a range to match in any room, you can also match across ranges that have the same finish. A range described as ‘Natural Solid Oak’, has same finish for all the following ranges: Tokyo, Bevel, Alto, Galway, Fresco, Rivermead, Edinburgh, Oakdale, and Cairo.

You can choose to match any dining chair from a Natural Solid Oak range with any table or desk with the same finish, regardless of range name.

€195.00 EUR €259.00 EUR

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