Rivermead Natural Solid Oak 3+2 Drawer Chest

€499.00 EUR €799.00 EUR

Product Information

Code: RIV022OAK

Dimensions: (W) 84cm x (H) 90cm x (D) 45cm

The Rivermead Natural Solid Oak 5 Drawer Chest is a staple item of bedroom storage furniture. This classic five-drawer chest is designed to be smart and stylish, with cool and contemporary details. Each drawer features a sleek brushed metal bar handle and is expertly crafted with dovetail joints and solid oak bottoms and backs. We only use the highest grade of solid oak in our furniture, so we finish it with a natural wax, making the most of the unadulterated beauty of the oak grain. We stock plenty of other Rivermead items for the bedroom and beyond! Take time to browse the entire range to complete your new look. Delivery is free of charge.

In addition to choosing furniture within a range to match in any room, you can also match across ranges that have the same finish. A range described as ‘Natural Solid Oak’, has same finish for all the following ranges: Tokyo, Bevel, Alto, Galway, Fresco, Rivermead, Edinburgh, Oakdale, and Cairo.

You can choose to match any dining chair from a Natural Solid Oak range with any table or desk with the same finish, regardless of range name.

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